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Big brother USA  started on Thursday July 5 at 7pm CST. Check this site out after each episode for updated screen captures. You may notice there are many more captures of Hardy and Nicole (almost 200 each), that is because they are the most requested with Will gaining in requests.

Thanks for visiting my site during this years Big Brother 2. I appreciate all the nice comments and help. Hope to see you again next year!



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Hardy                           Bunky                            Monica                          Krista


Nicole                        Sheryl                                Autumn



Mike                             Will                               Kent                            Shannon


Group                                      Ophelia the pot belly pig



September 20, 2001....WILL WINS BIG BROTHER 2!!!WILL WINS BIG BROTHER 2!!!WILL WINS BIG BROTHER 2!!!!WILL WINS BIG BROTHER 2!!!!............................  


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